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Mary (メアリー) Is a painting child, and the last work painted by Guertena. She's one of the main character that seems to support you at first, but then she'll quickly turn against you...


Mary has long, wavy blond hair with blue eyes. She wears a long, puff sleeve green dress with a white collar and a blue scarf. She has a yellow rose, that is later revealed by Garry to be fake. Her age is unknown, but she looks like she is nine like Ib.

Personality and FactsEdit

Mary seemed to be a cute, over cheerful child, but is actually very much insane.

Mary seems to like Ib, but shows a dislike for Garry. From the very start, her plan was to kill someone who would finally visit her so that she could take their place in the real world and live. She's a complex character, and her motives are understandable. From the very start, she was a painting. Locked up in Guertena's World, she was always alone. She longed to make friends and hoped that one day someone would come visit her and bring her out of the distorted gallery. Eventually, the lack of human love and loneliness overwhelmed her and she became mentally unstable and insane.

There is a joke of Mary being a Yandere, because she's is cute and all, but when she's mad, she went insane! One of the quotes that is fanmade is "I'm a Mary, My name is Yandere.".

When Ib first comes across the doll room and sees the bunnies, you are given the option of calling them cute, pettable, or "I don't know...". If Ib calls them "cute", then Mary will call the dolls "cute" in the toybox while discussing the rose trade. If Ib calls them "pettable", however, then Mary will calls the dolls as "pettable" as well.